Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I <3 Google Docs

Looking for a green way to collaborate besides webconferencing?
Recently my team has found that google docs works extremely well for sharing documents across offices and even across companies. I've used Google docs personally for a while - primarily for storing documents online so that I myself could access them at any time and from any computer.

With google docs, you can create (or upload) text documents (like Word); spreadsheets (like Excel); presentations (like PowerPoint); or, forms (which I've never tried).

One of the coolest things about google docs is that multiple contributors can each work in the document at the same time. At my job, we find this very useful for our weekly operations call, during which about 10 people are simultaneously modifying our labor forecast. It's much better than taking turns waiting for someone to close out of the document on our server!

We're also trying it out on a project in which we are collaborating with the University of Maryland. Rather than storing documents on an FTP site or emailing files back and forth, we all access the google doc. So far, so good!

Oh, and there's a mobile version of google docs that allows you to access your documents from your mobile device. Pretty cool!

Image Source: Robin Good

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