Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hoteling is Hard

I've blogged before about how my group has moved to a desk-sharing situation: there are six of us and we have only five desks. In theory, it's excellent. We save money by paying less rent (our rent is fully loaded, so there is no direct utility cost), we save the environment by not commuting to work every day, and we improve our own work/life balance by working from home (or elsewhere).

The reality of the situation: it's hard! Not the "working from home" part, but the desk sharing part. We have not been able to truly give up our seats (the newest teammate pretty much sits where someone else is not sitting and the rest of us sit at our normal desks). Not everyone is working from home on a regular basis, meaning there are more than a few times that there are six people at the office, but only five desks available - not so much fun.

We're still working on it. . . perhaps one could call our New Year's resolution a new committment to alternative work. But it's not as easy to transition as we thought it might be....good old human resistance to change is alive and well, even for those of us who "drank the Kool Aid"!


Anonymous said...

maybe an extra chair will help until you work out sharing the desks!

marko said...

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