Tuesday, December 2, 2008

America's Greenest Hotel

While traveling on business in North Carolina prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, a friend recommended that I check out Greensboro's newest attraction: the Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro. The hotel and it's restaurant earned LEED Platinum status in October, making it the first LEED Platinum hotel in the U.S. and one of the nation's greenest buildings in general.

Greensboro, a mid-sized town of less than 300,000 in the middle of North Carolina, off of I-40, is unassuming as home to a hotel with such distinction (for instance, I found an article on the hotel in the travel section of the LA Times, alongside a significant list of accolades from other sources). When this friend recommended trying the Print Works Bistro for dinner, as it was a "fun, new, green restaurant", I thought that perhaps it was a restaurant that simply served free-range chicken on its menu. I in no way consider myself a "foodie," but I do enjoy good food. Would this be up to par, or on the bland end?

I grossly underestimated.

What I discovered was an open restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked a surprisingly gracious scene including a restored stream and large patio (it was 25 degrees outside, so we stayed inside in the bright and warm atmosphere of the restaurant). The old world charm and openness mixed with a cozy and fresh atmosphere won me over as a new favorite in North Carolina (I am from North Carolina originally and so feel as though I can have favorites). The food was spectacular, fresh, and did not compromise on presentation or taste in any way.

We then went to take a look at the hotel and walk through. I was stunned at what I saw. Fortune Magazine had something right when they pronouned the Proximity as one of its top 50 new business hotels. With locally designed and built furniture, all original artwork produced in a temporary studio nearby (to reduce transportation), massive windows providing plenty of natural light, and very refined design, you really would never know from walking in that it's the greenest hotel in America.

What makes this destination so green? A sampling includes:
  • 41% less energy consumed than a conventional hotel.
  • 100 solar panels on the roof that heats water for the hotel.
  • Highly efficient plumbing fixtures that reduce water consumption.
  • Green roof on top of the Print Works Bistro.
  • Low-emitting VOC paints, carpeting, and other building materials.Building materials with recycled content, refurbished wood, and other restored materials.
  • Elevators that, when operating, send energy back into the building's grid.

The next time you are traveling in, through, or around North Carolina, check out the Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro. Not only is the Proximity helping to set the standard across North America for hotels and restaurants that are a destination in and of themselves, but it also is a showcase of luxury accomodations and eateries that use the newest technologies and best green practices without losing any of the luxury. The Proximity certainly has a handle on its own triple bottom line.

Images courtesy of The Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro.


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