Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wasting a Crisis?

The argument is that each time we've run into a crunch in oil prices in the U.S., citizens have adopted more "green" ways of living, and have tried to reduce the amount of consumption. As gas prices are falling this winter, the author asks what can be/is being done to make sure that "green" doesn't fall by the wayside.
Some of his thoughts include:
  • Development of a comprehensive national policy. This is a "duh" solution, but also really tough to implement.
  • Investment in alternative energy. Investment and interest in solar, wind, and geothermal is creating green collar jobs and spurring economic growth.
  • Charging for Carbon. By assigning economic cost to carbon emissions, companies will be more interested in reducing theirs.
  • Get government backing. Policy and financial support from the feds will go a long way to helping keep "green" a national priority.
  • Sucumbing to international pressure. Other countries are farther ahead in the game...and starting to put more pressure on U.S. companies to comply.

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