Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow is Election Day - Know Your Candidate's Green Stance!

It's finally here! Tomorrow is election '08 - I for one am ready for campaigning to end (as a purple state resident, I've been receiving lots of autobot calls, mailings, and visitors to my doorstep)...and I'm ready to know who's going to take this country forward.

When you go to cast your vote tomorrow, first, remember to wear comfortable shoes as it's likely you'll be in line for a while. Second, don't forget to check out the candidate's opinions on issues related to the environment (in alphabetical order):

John McCain: Energy; Climate Change
Barack Obama: Energy & Environment

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Anonymous said...

I just posted on the same topic on my blog:

Whichever candidate is elected, the new president is sure to mean a change in environmental policy.

Go vote!

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