Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Green Doesn't Stop at the Door

Many businesses and individuals are very concerned about energy efficiency and greening the inside...but did you know that we're not so good about our outdoor practices. Just because the grass is green doesn't mean our practices for landscaping and care of our outdoor environment are.

According to a study conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, found that while most Americans have adopted sustainable or energy efficiency measures indoors, it is much less common to use energy or water saving practices outdoors.
Some of the simple techniques you can use to green your landscape include:
  • Planting trees and shrubs to provide shade and help lower energy costs
  • Plant native or adaptive species that require less (or no) water
  • Use friendly fertilizers (like Greenette's worm poop)
  • Use maintenance methods that reduce carbon emissions (i.e. rake versus leafblower)
  • Use drip irrigation instead of spray
  • Use timed or sensor-driven irrigation systems
  • Use harvested rainwater

Oh, and not only is it good for the environment: the study indicates that green landscapes can be good for your wallet too!

Image source: Raise the Hammer


Brendan said...

Good Morning,

I wanted to share some great environmental news with you. Goodwill of Greater Washington and a coalition of Goodwill agencies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia have partnered with Dell on a comprehensive computer reuse and recycling program. This means that all computers and computer parts donated to Goodwill of Greater Washington will be sent to Dell for reuse or recycling, keeping all of them out of local landfills. Goodwill will accept computer donations regardless of brand or condition and it is free unlike many ecycling programs. I'd love to send you a media release with more information on the program. Where can I send it?


Brendan Hurley
Senior VP, Marketing & Communications
Goodwill of Greater Washington

Kevin said...

I use the worm poop! It seemed to work pretty well!

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