Monday, November 17, 2008

Farm Fresh Eggs!

When most people think of farm fresh eggs, the country farm stand comes to mind...or for me, gathering eggs at my grandmother's hen house (note: I did not enjoy this task as the hens were usually quite persnickety about exactly who was digging around under them).

No longer is the country farm the only place you can get fresh eggs: well-to-d0 green urbanites are starting to raise their own chickens, bringing the local food movement even closer to home. The only problem: many cities have zoning regulations that restrict livestock (including chickens). While special use permits are available in some municipalities, many places are still hesitant to allow chickens in such close quarters.
Before your office cafeteria starts an egg-laying operation or you adopt a chicken or two, be sure to check your local code!
Image Source: FreeFoto

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