Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turf Block for Dummies

I ran across this cool product on the Green Product Awards list: Drivable Grass. You may have heard of turf block before...but this turns it into a DIY project. The Drivable Grass product comes in two foot square grids (kind of like the tile you buy at Home Depot for DIY tiling projects). To install, simply, mark the area, dig it up, compact the soil, install the mats, and spread seed. Ta-da!
I think this is a great alternative for small businesses and homeowners who don't need a heavy duty driveway/parking lot.

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Field Notes said...

At some point I'll need to rip out my driveway to replace the 100 year old sewer line that serves our house.

I would LOVE to have this for that new driveway.

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