Wednesday, October 15, 2008

China - the front-runner in renewable energy?

Today I went to a conference on workplace sustainability at which Jonathan Porritt was speaking. If you haven't heard of him I really recommend you looking at his blog (which is the link I've attached to his name here).

In his talk Porritt said that China is now the largest single investor in renewable energy. The media seems to represent China as a major polluter - so I had no idea about their renewable programme. In fact China is actually already closing down old power stations and introducing representative energy pricing. Considering China is still an 'emerging' economy this really is commendable. Just think how much the UK and US were polluting at the same industrial stage as China is now...

I learned so many pieces of information at the conference today, I haven't got time to write about them all now, but I'll drip feed them to you during next week...

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