Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Changing our Behavior

My wife just emailed this cartoon to me and it reinforced how ingrained our American culture is when it comes to automobiles and our way of life. Due to the high prices and lack of gas in the Southeast (I live in Atlanta) I have noticed a great deal of traffic on blogs and discussion boards focused on what a mess we’re in. I’ve also seen the long lines, closed gas stations and have watched on TV some of the altercations that have occurred due to the frustrating circumstances.

What I have observed is that a majority of the responses are focused on finding fault with others (local/state/federal government, oil companies, gas stations, car companies – yes, you know the ones that forced you to purchase a V8 SUV) or convinced it’s a conspiracy. Yet, what really surprises me on these blogs/boards is that I’ve read very little about changing habits and behavior. What have you noticed?


GoSustaino said...

I would agree that changing habits and behavior are by far very difficult objectives for our American, stubborn, Boomer-based culture. For example, I believe there is interest and funding to support wind turbine technology, yet many have a "not-in-my-backyard" mentality. Same goes with recycling, biking, carpooling, taking canvas bags with you when going grocery shopping, etc.

Everyone's behavior needs to change if we want to adjust our current climate crisis situation. And yes...every bit helps!


Anonymous said...

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