Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sustainable Car Game

My husband and I went to the beach over Labor Day weekend - a very fun trip, although a bit crowded. One of our favorite beach games to play is "Hummer vs. Prius." We've played this game every year for the past three years. The results:
  • 2006 - 25 Hummer: 7 Prius
  • 2007 - 8 Hummer: 15 Prius
  • 2008 - 25 Hummer: 25 Prius
I was very suprised by this year's results. Pleasantly suprised that there were nearly twice as many Prius as the year before. Unpleasantly surprised to see how many Hummers were on the road. I'm not sure why there were so many...with gas prices high, and rising environmental consciousness, I expected far fewer.

Just thought I'd share my fun game and see if you had any ideas as to why the stats are playing out the way they have.
Also, very timely article from Time Magazine: A Brief History Of: The Humvee

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