Friday, September 26, 2008

Sometimes Transit is Fun

Usually the days I blog about transit are days that have been wrought with public transit annoyances (rude people, train delays, etc). This week, I had a lot of fun riding the Metro.

First, it's great for people watching:
  • Man sitting at one end of train reading not one, but two books at the same time. Man in middle of car taking digital photos of reading guy (unbeknownst to photo subject).
  • Woman walking up escalator. Green hair, metal studded belt, no pants (translucent black tights only).

Second, it can be a fun way to restore faith in humanity:

  • Gentleman to me as I'm exiting the train (going to see Nationals baseball team lose 99th game of season): "You go, girl! Have fun at the game! World Series, right?"
  • I was talking to the guy sitting next to me on the way home from the game and mentioned that I was disappointed that I had not been able to snag one of the giveaways for my husband. The gentleman gave me his (he was a Yankees fan). So nice!

Faith restored in humanity...and transit enjoyment is definitely up this week ;) Maybe I'll ride it more than usual next week!

Anyone have fun (or gross, shocking, or other) transit stories to share?

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Green-A said...

I am thrilled to hear that you are giving transit another chance! Living in a dense urban area, we have access to resources that many don't, and I think it is great that you are planning to take advantage of it more often - and that you blogged about it to encourage others to think about it too.

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