Friday, September 12, 2008

"Look! It’s spinning!"

I ran across an interesting article in the New York Times that discusses the value of installing small-scale wind turbines. Essentially, the article suggests that most small-scale wind turbines are unlikely to produce enough energy to offset their cost. Regardless, people still seem interested in investing, despite the high cost.

My favorite part of the article was a quote by Jay Leno: “People seem fascinated by the turbines. You go, ‘Look! It’s spinning!’”

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Kevin said...

While they may not be worth it at the moment, I actually hope this is a technology that comes along. I am quite ignorant about the technology itself, but I've long thought that the walkway in between the two buildings at which I work would be great for a turbine. It always seems to be umbrella-inside-out gusty in there, and I think that a turbine would constantly spin and at least provide energy in case of a power loss or something of that nature. Then again, maybe I'm just falling for the trick and just want to see it spinning everytime I go to work :) I do wonder if technology can bring us along to where smaller turbines could be placed in certain parts of urban areas to help collect and add to the power grid.

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