Monday, September 1, 2008

Australian Business Pays for Green

Colliers International 2008 Office Tenant Survey found that environment and workplace wellbeing are now key issues for Australian office tenants.

The most notable changes in the results of the 2008 survey compared to 2005 revolved around increased awareness of issues regarding environmental sustainability, including a significantly increased demand to occupy environmentally sustainable buildings and fit outs. Colliers noted that the push for sustainability is coming from employees and so it has become a major issue in staff attraction and retention.

In fact, in terms of importance in attracting and retaining staff, the importance of a building’s environmental performance has moved up from being ranked 14th in 2005 to 8th in 2008.

The survey found 77% of tenants are implementing environmental sustainability in their new workplace fitout in 2008, up from 49% in 2005. These results show a large shift in awareness, but there is still nearly one quarter of tenants who are not implementing sustainability initiatives, so there is still a long way to go, even in such an environmentally progressive country as Australia.

For more info see Collier's press release.

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