Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Atlanta Out of Gas

As if we needed another reason to reduce our addiction to fossil fuels - now we're literally running out of gas. One of my colleagues tried to get gas at four stations before he gave up and went home to work. This today from Fox News Atlanta:

The drought at the pump is still hitting Atlanta hard. Now, state and industry officials said they are working as fast as they can to restore fuel and are urging people not to panic.

Many motorists drove around metro Atlanta on Monday searching for any gas station that had fuel. Throughout the day, vehicles were lined up at gas stations in a desperate attempt to fill up on gas. Experts said Georgia’s gas shortage will likely continue for the next couple of days.

The president of a local petroleum company wants the federal government to wave the mandated clean burning fuel for the metro area. However in a written statement, the Environmental Protection Agency said "Localized shortages generally are not a fuel supply disruption for which a waiver may be granted."

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Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta and have seen many of the gas stations without gas or with but long lines of cars. What's interesting to me are the number of people remarking (on blogs, chats, discussion boards, etc.) how much time (and gas) they're spending just looking for gas. For example, from a cycling discussion board, " I drove for 55 minutes trying to find a station and ended up paying $4.39 for regular. For those of you living in better areas, imagine passing over 30 stations to finally find one that has gas, and a long line". I find it even more interesting that people are consistently blaming others, expecting "things to continue the way the were" and, most importantly, consider changing their behavior?

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