Monday, August 11, 2008

Transit for Misanthropes

Many of you have probably heard of personal rapid transit (PRT) also known as personal automated transport (PAT)- essentially, it is mass transit for those of us who hate to be crammed into mass transit vehicles with people who sneeze in our faces (I know, I know, I am a big snob for not liking people sneezing in my face, stepping on my feet, elbowing me in the back, etc.).

Treehugger had a great post (Avoid Interaction With Other Humans in New Train Design) about a new PRT proposal. Check out the post for some videos on the system.


Brazil property said...

Great idea for transit. It will result in more privacy and good health conditions for traveler.

Anonymous said...

This is not anything like Personal Rapid Transit. The point of PRT isn't to avoid human interaction -- it is to provide on-demand, no-waiting, no-transfers, point-to-point transit. This can only be done in an efficient fashion with small vehicles. The fact that you don't ride with strangers (unless you want to) is just a side effect, and probably the least important aspect of PRT.

This is a train. It still runs on a fixed schedule; you still have to wait a long time for it to arrive; you still have to make lots of intermediate stops en route to your destination; and you still probably have to make transfers to get to where you want to go. So it's nothing at all like PRT -- and in this case, it really *is* for for misanthropes.

Which makes it more or less the worst of all possible worlds, in my opinion.

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