Friday, August 1, 2008

Top 10 reasons why not take the LEED exam!

For those of you on the fence about whether you should take the Leadership in Energy and Evironmental Design (LEED) test... this is a sure fire way to help you make up your mind.

1. I’m waiting for the challenge of taking next year’s “updated” exam so I can feel smarter than all those early-adopters.

2. I thought it was the “L.E.D.” exam…and wasted a ton of time studying low voltage illumination techniques.

3. I’m are afraid I’d look like a hypocrite after commuting 60 miles to work in my Hummer.

4. I read on that the USGBC is a hoax.

5. After wallpapering Dilbert comics all over my cubicle walls, I have no space left for a LEED AP certificate.

6. "Because that bastard tree killed my mom."

7. Ever since you were a kid and your mom made you eat things like broccoli, spinach and brussel sprouts you have had a fear and loathing for all things green.

8. You prefer FEED - “Following in Environmental Energy and Design.”

9. You like it when your clients know more than you do about green buildings.

10. I might actually have to act green if I know more about it - ignorance is much more fun!

More reasons? Let us know!

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