Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Accenture Green Technology Suite

Just a bit of news I thought would be of interest to you all...

In July Accenture introduced the Accenture Green Technology Suite. This is a set of tools designed to help an organization assess their environmental standing and recommendation courses of action to reduce their carbon footprint through improved management of IT. The tools within the Suite also help calculate the impact of the specific initiatives in terms of workplace environmental efficiency and data center energy savings.

There are three main areas to the suite:

  1. The Green Maturity Model – assesses the environmental efficiency of IT, suggesting actions to improve the organization’s overall environmental standing.
  2. The Data Center Estimator – provides an assessment of the environmental and financial impact of data centers. The Estimator suggests energy reduction strategies based on information gathered from the facility, such as air conditioning, power distribution, and server, storage, and networking components, among others.
  3. The Workplace Estimator – helps an organization adopt a greener technology culture by developing recycling and energy saving policies for personal computers and procuring new equipment with energy efficiency in mind.

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