Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Modest Greenies

I recently went on vacation and stayed at a beach resort...since it was a family vacation, I didn't have much choice in the accommodations.

Prior to the trip I'd visited the resort's website and trip advisor, and found nothing that mentioned sustainability. Imagine my surprise when I arrived and found a tremendous amount of sustainable initiatives...all completed without being heralded.
Here are a few of the things the resort did to reduce it's environmental footprint (and operating costs):
  • Waterless urinals in public restrooms
  • Automatic paper towel dispensers in public restrooms
  • Towel/linen reuse program (both room and beach towels)
  • Open air restaurants (ceiling fans only, lights only at night)
  • Recycling bins distributed throughout the resort
  • Request that guests opened rooms and turned off lights and AC when not in the room
  • Foot wash basins filled once daily rather than outdoor showers
  • Free non-motorized watersports
  • Education on protecting local flora and fauna

I think of the resort as being like George Clooney - doing its part for the environment quietly, while realizing that there are some activities that are environmentally unfriendly (for George, it's the private planes/carbon footprint...for the resort, it's things like motorized watersports, plastic cups, and the carbon footprint of the visitors).

This experience reminded me that there are plenty of groups out there doing the right thing in the ways that make sense for their businesses. Let's all support those that do!

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