Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time for a Hybrid?

With the price of gas crossing $4 a gallon (I paid $4.14 last time I filled up), lots of businesses and individuals are seriously considering trading in their fleets/cars for hybrid vehicles. Is it the right thing to do? This article in the Wall Street Journal argues that the answer is….maybe.

There are a number of reasons it’s a “maybe” – not the least of which is that a new car is a new car, and it’s wasteful to get something new manufactured when something old will do. Some of the other arguments include:
  • It depends on how many miles per year you drive (the average American is 15,000 per car per year)
  • Priuses cost $22K (that’s for the low-end model)
  • You’re not going to get much money back for your trade-in, especially if it’s a guzzler
  • Other small cars get pretty good mileage too…especially compared to your SUV!

All this said, I have a Prius and I love it. Not just for the gas, although that’s a big plus since when I calculated out the cost of getting a Prius vs. a similar-sized car, I was calculating gas at $2.50 a gallon. At $4+, I'm doing much better than I expected. The car is roomy, easy to drive, kinda cute, and my dog likes that it has a big back seat all for him. Of course, it does have a big old blind spot, but I’ve figured out how to work that out. For me, it was the right choice...but is it the right choice for everyone?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes it's a right thing to pick a Prius than any other cars (except other hybrid cars of course!) not because of the dollars you save on the gas prices but also since they are using hybrid technology, green cars produce less emissions than non-hybrid cars, reducing global warming changes.

Anonymous said...

I own a Prius and I do give some thought from time to time about the points you raised. My second car is a 2002 BMW that gets about 22 MPG. I've been thinking about selling it and buying something more fuel efficient and environment friendly but have decided to keep it for now. For one thing, it's paid for! It's become my "drive only when necessary" car. So, my Prius serves as the vehicle of choice for about 90% of my family driving. If my spouse and I need to go in different directions simultaneously, we use the Pruis for the longer trip. So, at least we are minimizing the gas used and emissions created from a total family usage point of view.


marko said...
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