Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shredding is FUN

Last night I was cleaning out my desk at home and shredding receipts and junk mail. As I was doing this I thought back to a factoid one of my friends had spewed out at a recent event (she’s studying for the LEED exam): by turning down ATM receipts, we can save enough paper to circle the equator 15 times (source: Serve to Preserve)

This got me thinking about where else we can cut paper out of our lives. I did a bit of research and these are a couple of the cool ways people are reducing receipts:
  • Receipt choice – many retailers offer you the choice of whether you get a receipt or not. If you don’t need it (thank you credit/debit card bill), don’t take it.
  • Double-sided receipts – Sainsburys is a European retailer who offers double-sided receipts
  • Online receipts – allEtronic is now offering a service whereby you can get your receipts from participating retailers such as Best Buy and Target online
  • E-mail receipts – While most online vendors already offer this, some bricks & mortar vendors are looking into it as well (Starwood hotels, Apple, National Car Rental)
  • Shorter receipts – some retailers are reducing the length of their receipts to improve efficiency, cut costs, and respond to consumer concerns
Image Source: Money Walks


Anonymous said...

In the talk about choice (choosing whether you need a receipt or not), what I find often happens with the retailer is you say you don't need your receipt. The receipt prints anyway and they now have to throw it away. It still generates waste - just not my own waste to shred as you say.

I think we need to move beyond paper trails altogether and the change needs to come from retailers and business as much as it's our responsibility to choose not to get a receipt. If we could e-receipt everything it would make good environmental sense and also save companies money (receipt paper has to cost something, right?).

Anonymous said...

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Green-A said...

speaking of circling the globe with receipts... CVS receipts are often miles long due to all the coupons etc. I have literally spent less than $5 in a CVS store and gotten a 24" receipt. Seriously unnecessary.

Leigh Stringer (aka Greenette) said...
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Leigh Stringer (aka Greenette) said...

Stephan - We like MyGreenElement and have listed it on our site. Happy to post to your site as well. Just let us know how.

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