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One of the benefits of working at an architecture firm is occasionally getting to try out some new products to see if they are something that we might recommend to a client.  Whether it is carpet tile, wall finish material, or furniture, it is always fun and makes you think really critically about the products and their application.  Just this week, I had a chance to try out something really exciting.....a new shower head.  I'm not kidding, I was actually really excited.  I had an old shower head that used to just spit water out at an alarming fast in fact, that I would always run out of hot water in about 2 minutes.  In the midst of studying hard for my LEED exam, I realized that 340 billion gallons of water are withdrawn everyday for our use.  My new Oxygenics shower head is quite an improvement in many ways.  I've found that my water pressure has increased, I have a much better looking shower, the oxygen content in the water has increased drastically (better for your skin), and I have been saving a ton of water! 

It only uses a maximum of 1.9 gallons per minute.  (Just for clarification, I have no relationship with Oxygenics).  There are a lot of manufacturers that make great water efficient fixtures.  While they may be a slightly higher initial investment, the payback is typically very quick. Check the calculator on the Oxygenics website (   So if you are considering putting some new showers in your home or office consider one of these low flow fixtures.           

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For any questions regarding Oxygenics you can email me at

My name is Jason Goodman, I'm one of the account execs here at ETL. We are the manufacturers of Oxygenics shower heads.

Thank you.

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