Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eating in your Courtyard?

I just read a highly amusing article: “The ultimate ethical meal: a grey squirrel.” I’ve always joked with my dad (who grew up on a farm) about eating squirrels country-style, but never really thought about it as a sustainable food source. Granted, a lot of this comes with the fact that I’m a softie for animals and have a hard time thinking about cute fluffy creatures being ground into food!

Regardless, this article talks about the upswing in the popularity of squirrel meat in England. Squirrel has some good eco-advantages as a meal: It’s free-range, it doesn’t generate a lot of methane, and it’s locally available and quite abundant! Of course, there are plenty of downsides, too (health of the squirrels available, destruction of ecosystems and populations, etc.)

I’m not sure I’m going to try these recipes or recommend them for the corporate cafeteria, but it’s definitely ‘food’ for thought.

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Anonymous said...

No big deal.. Squirrels eh, interesting and funny!

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