Monday, May 12, 2008

Greenville, USA

Green technology is everywhere! A new virtual town "Greenville, USA" was created recently to demonstrate power of technology and energy efficiency.

The tool was created by the Technology CEO Council, a lobbying group made up of CEOs Michael Dell (Dell), Mark Hurd (HP), Samuel Palmisano (IBM), Paul Otellini (Intel), Joe Tucci (EMC), Mike Splinter (Applied Materials), and others.

The graphics are fairy simple, but there are several good nuggets of ways to leverage technology in your home or business. Some interesting tidbits:
  • Use thin client - less heat is created by centralized hard drives
  • No left hand turns with truck deliveries - minimizes time on the road and carbon emissions
  • Consider the new ultra mobile PCs requiring 1/10 power required from first gen PCs
  • Real time energy pricing
  • Watt meter that measures all electrical devices in the home
  • Use cell phone waiting lots at the airport - don't keep driving in circles!

Lots of good intel. We have the technology - now it's time to use it!

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