Saturday, May 31, 2008

Getting on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Do you ever wonder how companies get labeled as "sustainable" by Wall Street? Well, I did, so I took a look at the The Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Interestingly, it's evaluation criteria includes more than sustainability factors, it also has economic and social considerations in their assessment criteria. Things like corporate governance, risk and crisis management, corporate citizenship, human capital development and talent attraction and retention, among others.

The survey they give companies trying to get on their index has some good questions. Here are the ones related to the environment:

Has your company adopted a corporate environmental policy?

Please indicate whether your corporate environmental policy applies to 1) company's own operations, 2) environmental impacts of products & services, 3) suppliers & service providers, 4) other key business partners.

Please indicate how your environmental management system is verified/ audited/ certified (i.e. ISO 14001, JIS Q 14001, EMAS certification by third party).

Please indicate the percentage of total revenues verified/audited/certified according to these systems.

Please indicate your reduction targets and explain the trend and the performance against the target (for total direct GHG emissions, total energy consumption, total water use, total waste generation).

That's it. That's all of their questions. But you know, as simple as they are, could your company answer them? There's a lot of measurement and accountability embedded in these. If you're thinking of taking on some of the enviornmental issues in your company, these questions are not a bad place to start.

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