Monday, April 28, 2008

The Potential Limitations of a Green Office

I came across an article today in The Guardian newspaper (UK) about the limitations of the green office... it made some interesting points:

Professor Sharon Parker, director of the Institute of Work Psychology at the University of Sheffield says there is a danger of overlooking the welfare of workers in the drive to tick the environment boxes. "If organisations are very strongly focused on protecting the environment and at the same time neglecting human wellbeing, then that may create inconsistencies," she says. "That makes workers a little bit cynical about what the organisation is trying to do. People wonder whether going green is genuine or for the bank balance [because of it's proven cost-savings]."

Parker says factors like leadership quality, the level of discretion you have in your job and the number of opportunities you have to develop skills have as much impact as green initiatives in making an office a good environment to work in. "You need to look at the bigger picture," she says. "If you want an office to be sustainable for people and the environment then you have to look at relationships and information as well as design."

For a direct link to the article click here.

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