Friday, April 25, 2008

Eco Fashion

I am a self-confessed fashion-junkie. The difficulty is that to indulge my fashion addition I often find myself compromising my green / ethical values.

The good news is though that eco-fashion is now really coming of age - which some of the most fashion-forward designs coming from small 'eco-friendly' labels from across the globe.

JC Report, a fashion newsletter to which I subscribed, this week wrote a very good article drawing attention to the key designers to look out for. Click here to take you to this article.

Happy reading / shopping!!


roxy v said...

Talk about a fashion-junkie. I live and breathe fashion. Believe me when I tell you that it's my LIFE! And now that eco-fashion is becoming so popular, I have so many ideas that I'm so excited about. I'm going to school for design and I am noticing that going green is one of the hottest trends in 2008. Eco-fashion is just one more thing that is has put it on the map. With all of these designers putting out merchandise made of 100% cotton and bamboo, it's fabulous. I was kind of skeptical about being green at first but once I discovered how big eco-fashion was I was sold.

Being apart of the green community is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I mean, I was already doing the usual recycling, carpooling, and things of that sort but I was never fully committed until now. One of the biggest changes that I have made so far was switching to bioheat and I love it. It's amazing too because it's non-toxic and made of products like heating oils and avocados. I know it sounds like something that could be used for a killer massage or facial mask but it works wonders in the home too. It's definitely one of my favorite things during the winter time next to my ugg boots and pea coat.

Working for NORA has made me realize how important it is that we take care of our environment. I got some really great tips on how to keep it green all year around, without changing my entire lifestyle, from:

You should really check it out and see what other kinds of things it has to offer to make your transition as easy as mine was.

Aaron said...

We are really excited about the new wave in eco fashion too and we have put together a ethical fashion brand guide to display all the Eco fashion labels in one place.

jahee said...

check out They have tons of great eco womens, mens, baby apparel and accessories-all eco friendly.

SewingMachine said...

Thank you for the information. We will soon be visiting the JC report..

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