Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Office Paper Trail

At FOX Architects, we are always looking for ways to reduce our large paper usage. We calculated our usage and then conducted research to discover how to decrease the amount of paper we wasted. Inspired by Greenette and Millennial 4 Earth’s paper reduction posts, I present you 3 ideas on how to reduce paper usage in your office:

  • Set up all computers to default print double-sided. In only one month we were able to reduce our paper usage almost 25%....also saving us 25% in paper costs. Individuals can always go into their printer settings and set their documents to single sided printing if it must be single sided.

  • In Word, set your margins to ¼” instead of the default 1” on each side, allowing more text to fit on each page, which saves you pages in the end (tip from Ideal Bite).

  • Save any paper that is printed on only one side and use it for printing drafts, as scrap paper, or cut up the paper into quarters and bind into little notebooks.

Any other ideas of how to save paper in your office?

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