Monday, March 3, 2008


Finally, a company that really gets what recycling is all about. TerraCycle is trying to eliminate the idea of waste completely. You provide them packaging... they turn around and put their products in your water bottles, drink pouches, yogurt containers, energy bar wrappers, etc. So what do they sell exactly? Mostly gardening products, bird food, fertilizer and the like. But don't worry, its all natural stuff.

The company's flagship product, TerraCycle Plant Food™, is an all-natural, all-organic, 'goof-proof' liquid plant food made from waste (worm poop) and packaged in waste (reused soda bottles)!
And they've really got their product located in lots of local stores so you can easily pick up worm poop on your way home from work. How convenient!


Millennial 4 Earth said...

Hilarious! We actually use this - my husband bought it purely for the "worm poop" factor. It works really well!

Kevin said...

Yes! Works well! I use it! Will continue to use it this year! I got it on year end clearance at Home Depot :) Yay sales!!

Timothy Latz said...

They are a great Trenton, NJ based company that uses recycled bottles on all their products. It's a great idea to see a company reusing materials and helping to keep my garden growing!

Kevin said...

Also, the first time I bought them the bottles actually had tags from kids who had donated them through a school project. Not only are they using recycled materials, but they are involving the community and teaching the next generation a way to recycle. I am just smitten with the company!

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