Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slugging Replaces Bus?

For those of you not from the DC area, let me explain what I mean by “slug” – it’s not the slimy little garden creature that I always manage to step on when I go outside barefoot to pick up the newspaper on Sunday mornings.

Slugging is a form of commuting unique to the DC area. It’s basically instant carpooling. People line up at designated slug areas and people with cars needing a couple of extra bodies to make it into the HOV lanes pick them up. It’s completely free – the driver benefits by being permitted in HOV and the passengers benefit from the free ride.

In Qualicum Beach, BC (Canada), busses have been shut down due to low ridership. The community is considering setting up a similar system of mass carpooling as without transit, as many people are left without any means of transportation.

It’s certainly an appealing idea!

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