Monday, March 31, 2008

Setting Trends in Kansas?

“There’s No Place like Home, There’s No Place like Home”….Sound familiar, well Dorothy isn’t headed to the Emerald City anymore; there’s another kind of Green in her future.

Do you remember hearing this news on May 4th, 2007? “The town of Greensburg Kansas was destroyed in a matter of 15 minutes by an EF-5 tornado, the strongest of 25 tornados’ that night that broke out over Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota.” ( I don’t know about you, but hearing this sent shivers up and down my spine. Coming from a small town in Kansas myself, this news hit too close to home for me. With all of the devastation, many homes and businesses were entirely demolished. The community decided to approach rebuilding with a very different outcome in mind.

Well…. now almost a year later there is much HOPE, this amazing town is trying to make their dream of helping to protect the environment from future destruction come true. After this tornado destroyed 95% of their town and depleted all of their resources they have the chance to create an entirely sustainable town. The people of Greensburg have decided as a community to promote a highly sustainable enriched society. Their mission is to provide the residents with the resources, information, and support they need to rebuild as “The Greenest Town in America, named Green Town” ( The Greensburg City Council has approved a motion that all city building projects will be built to LEED Platinum level standards as updated throughout the years to keep its LEED Certification. There is also a development called the Model Home Project. Tourists would receive a guide books for touring the different Sustainable sites and building to learn about the process of building green. There is also an opportunity to stay in eco-friendly, energy efficient homes while visiting this amazing new town. “Money made from renting the demonstration homes, will go toward maintenance and possibly other green initiatives within the town’s location.” ( "If we are going to build a community from the ground up, it is our responsibility to think about the future," said city administrator Steve Hewitt
What this tiny community is doing will hopefully change the views of all towns and cities across the county and help others see the significance of making changes that will impact our future generations……

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

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