Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joel Stein Makes Me Laugh

I was reading Time Magazine the other night, and ran across a column on the sustainable movement by one of my favorite columnists, Joel Stein (or check his wiki page). The column “The Kitchen Stinks” was about composting and how stinky it is. Clearly Joel’s wife needs to get him a vermiculture composting bin!

Joel (I’m allowed to call him Joel because I have watched him on VH1’s I love the 80s) occasionally focuses his column on the ridiculousness of some aspects of the sustainable movement. For another funny perspective, check out his column on the local foods movement: “Extreme Eating”.

Hope you enjoy Joel’s columns as much as I do.

1 comment:

happy clinical depressive said...

It's refereshing to read a light-hearted article on sustainable living and what a great writing style he has too. I'm going to start reading his columns now - thanks!!

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