Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love my Prius…and so do my favorite Celebs!

I bought a Prius about a year and a half ago – Toyota was having an event in which if you traded in your Toyota (I traded in a beat up but fast and fun Celica, “Alice”), you got a HUGE amount of money back. The offer was too good to pass up – Alice needed some serious body work, and they offered well over her blue book value. It’s turned out to be a great investment – Ralph, the Prius, is an excellent addition to the family. Great car – big, sporty, mechanically sound, great gas mileage. At least five other people in my office drive a Prius and love it too!

Lots of companies are offering incentives for driving hybrids - for example, Google offers employees a cash incentive for purchasing hybrid or alternative fuel cars. Also, the USGBC's LEED system awards points for offering preferred parking for hybrids/alternative fuel cars.

I was watching TV while ironing the other weekend and saw that the Prius trend is catching on with celebrities even more than I’d known: Holly Madison (Hef’s #1 girlfriend) bought a Prius on The Girls Next Door. It made me wonder who else is driving a Prius. I did a quick google search and found out that quite a few do (I knew about Holly, Cameron and Leo, but check out the list!):

• Alexandra Paul
• Alicia Silverstone
• Arianna Huffington
• Bill Maher
• Billy Crystal
• Billy Joel
• Brad Pitt
• Cameron Diaz
• Carole King
• Charlize Theron
• David Duchovny
• David Hyde Pierce
• Donna Mills
• Donny Osmond
• Dr. Andrew Weil
• Dr. Oliver Sacks
• Ed Begley, Jr
• Ellen DeGeneres
• Ewan McGregor
• George Clooney
• Gwyneth Paltrow
• Harrison Ford
• Jack Black
• Jack Nicholson
• Jackson Browne
• Jennifer Lopez
• Julia Roberts
• Kevin Bacon
• Kirk Douglas
• Kurt Russell
• Larry David
• Leonardo DiCaprio
• Patricia Arquette
• Prince Charles
• Rob Reiner
• Robin Williams
• Salma Hayek
• Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies)
• Sting
• Susan Sarandon
• Ted Danson
• Tim Robbins
• Tom Hanks
• Will Ferrell
• Woody Harrelson
*Note: some of these are electric car or other-hybrid drivers...and I’m sure I’m missing tons! Go Prius-nation!


Kevin said...

I think everyone should own a Prius.. (or no car at all )especially since they are apparently hot chick magnets :)

marko said...

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