Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cardboard Furniture: Not Just for your Cat

There are tons of common uses for cardboard: kitty scratching post, college student desks and bookshelves, children's forts, sliding practice for aspiring baseball and softball stars... While you may be familiar with some of these, did you know that furniture designers are branching out into greater use of cardboard?

Here's a brief (and incomplete) history:

  • 1969 and 1973: Frank Gehry's "Easy Edges" series of designs layered corrugated cardboard to create chairs and tables capped by a wooden layer for extra strength.
  • 1990: Patent issued.
  • 2000: Cardboard furniture used at Sydney Summer Olympics.

Where can you get cardboard furniture? Well, lots of places:

Check out my inspiration: GreenSage's e-zine


Anonymous said...

i have seen a fair bit of this cardboard furniture recently, not 100% sure if its that good for the environment though

Unknown said...

It's really green. Made out of recycled paper, using green painture.

Look at this for example.

or the blog

Anonymous said...

How to make a cardboard drawer

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