Thursday, February 7, 2008

News of the Weird: Man Sued for Generating No Trash

I recently read an article on the Baltimore Examiner's website: City sues man for canceling trash service.
A quick synopsis: The homeowner in question cancelled his trash service because he no longer generates any measureable waste for collection:

  • Paper, plastic, and metal are recycled
  • Yard waste is mulched and used in the yard
  • Food scraps are run through the garbage disposal
  • Unwanted items are given away to friends or through Craigslist

The city requires weekly trash pickups as part of their municipal code, and as the homeowner does not have one scheduled, has opted to pursue legal action.

Granted, upon further investigation, it appears that there may be some extenuating circumstances related to the city's decision; however, this issue highlights the importance of policy in encouraging sustainable practices, whether in the work place or at home.

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Kevin said...

I believe that as we move forward with green living, municipalities will need to adapt to situations like this. I am surprised they aren't thrilled to be sending a lesser volume of trash to the dump!

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