Friday, February 22, 2008

Kill-A-Watt EZ

One of the things that I find hardest to comprehend is how much power everything uses. I read about this cool little tool: Kill-a-Watt – it measures the energy use of anything that plugs in. Simple to use: plug the Kill-a-Watt into the wall, and then plug your small appliances into the Kill-a-Watt.

This could be a powerful demonstration to employees and employers alike. Also might be used for demonstrations to school groups.
Knowledge is power – if we know how much energy our appliances draw, maybe we’ll think twice before using them, or leaving them plugged in to be vampire power suckers.

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MoJo said...

The Kill a Watt is a really cool product, so it deserves a really cool video. Here’s a funny infomercial spoof that highlights this useful energy-saving product. Check it out!

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