Sunday, February 17, 2008

Commuting Comfort

As I was flipping through the Sunday Washington Post today, I ran across an article on adding "comforts" into cars: When Home Seems To Be on the Road.

This article discusess how auto manufacturers are adding more perks into cars as Americans are spending more and more time on the road.

Having very recently had the worst commute of my 8 years in Washington,DC (2 hr, 31 min to go 11 miles), I can appreciate why people would want more amenities in their cars. I certainly could have used a fresh beverage or a TV.

Of course, on the flip side, as a gal who is concerned about the environment, I was horrified to think of all the people who may be encouraged to spend even more time in their cars.

I think that auto manufacturers are missing the mark: while packing cars with perks may add short-term profits, the long-term business plan should first be focused on increasing fuel efficiency/reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and secondly on getting people out of single-occupant cars and marketing transportation solutions.

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