Friday, February 22, 2008

Beer Bricks

Those beer companies have always had a knack for marketing. That's right, beer bottles that can be used as bricks. I found this on Frostfire Zoo. It only takes a 1,000 beer bottles to create a 10x10 structure. Ask a bunch of college buddies over and you've got the start of a new home! The story goes like this:

"Alfred Heineken had an epiphany while on a world tour of Heineken factories. When Heineken was on the Caribbean island of Curacao in 1960 he saw many bottles littering the beach because the island had no economic means of returning the bottles to the bottling plants from which they had come. He was also concerned with the lack of affordable building materials and the inadequate living conditions plaguing Curacao's lower-class. Envisioning a solution for these problems, he found a dutch architect John Habraken to design what he called 'a brick that holds beer.'"

What is Heineken up to today? Their 2006 Sustainability Report is very compelling and shows their well-rounded commitment to the environment. However, it lacks the creativity and chutzpah of their strategy from the 60s. Bring back those bricks!


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