Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Signatures Use Paper, Too

Greenette’s post about GreenPrint got me thinking about other ways to reduce the amount of paper wasted in printing. One thing that’s become very popular in our office is adding a little tagline at the bottom of the email signature:

  • Please consider the environment before printing this email
  • This email is printed on 99.9% recycled electrons
  • Please don’t print this email unless you really have to

These are great in that they increase awareness about reducing wasted paper and protecting the environment in general.

The bad news is that these types of messages they add another line to the signature. My company has a standard signature that is TWELVE lines long…thirteen if you include my environmental responsibility message.

When someone really does need to print an email I’ve sent, not only are they printing the message that they need…but also 13 lines of information that is most likely unnecessary. This signature may cause the document being printed to run onto an additional piece of paper.

Just something small that could have a big impact IF lots of people reduce their signatures…or are simply careful about not printing parts of messages that they don’t need.


Anonymous said...

Of course if you pander to this political statement, you have to invite the opposing view:
'Please print as many e-mails as you can, because before humans came along, trees got together and decided to plant themselves. So they don't care how many you cut down, each new seedling is a new chance for adaptation. Plus, you keep a bunch of people employed who might otherwise break into your house while you're at work and steal your stuff.'

Anonymous said...

Or... you could not print emails, enable opportunities for professional development in adaptable industries, growing industries, and keep your stuff.

you know. meh.

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