Thursday, January 10, 2008

One in six British workers unfulfilled at work

Global Vision International (GVI), the ethical volunteering organisation, has found that in the UK unmarried and single women aged between 34 and 44 are most likely to feel unfulfilled in the workplace. GVI also found that one in six British workers feel unfulfilled at work, with 43 per cent hankering to help those less fortunate than themselves; whilst 17 per cent go one step further and cite saving the planet as the only way to attain fulfillment.

Despite the 34 to 44 age group being most likely to feel unfulfilled at work GVI found that this age group has seen the biggest rise in volunteers year on year.

It is really encouraging that people are developing a green conscience and wanting to volunteer to make a difference. Hopefully this research will go another step towards British workplaces making it easier for employees to volunteer, which should have the knock-on effect of increasing employee retention.

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