Sunday, January 13, 2008

Integrated Design Hits Home

I thought this was very cool. Honda has developed a hydrogen fuel cell automobile. Traditionally the complaint about this technology is how does one safely, effectively, and economically distribute hydrogen? Well, why not make it at home and help it enhance your homes carbon footprint as well?

The car is a Honda, BMW has a prototype as well, you will either like or leave the aesthetics but I like it. There are American car makers that have been investing heavily in this technology, but to the best of my knowledge do not currently have a prototype for sale. These same manufacturers were given hundreds of millions of dollars from the US government to develop this technology. They did it, but decided it would be easier to fight the push to low emitting vehicles in court rather than work towards producing them. Let’s just say it, we have all heard about the EV1,

So why is this so special? Honda has developed a Home Energy Station that converts natural gas to hydrogen for fueling the car, brilliant. It can also create electricity for the house, so there is a minimal need for electrical infrastructure. Imagine a hose that can fuel your car, heat and cool your house, and all from a natural gas line. It’s a start.
To learn more about the Honda go here,

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