Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Greenest City on Earth... in Abu Dhabi?

My firm does a tremendous amount of work for oil companies in the middle east and in the UAE in particular. Much of it consists of very tall air-conditioned skyscrapers. We do what we can to push green ideas, but these concepts are not always embraced. So you could say it was a great surprise to me that WWF and Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Initiative (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company) unveiled a plan for world’s first carbon-neutral, waste-free, car-free city. It sounds spectacular...

"Masdar City’s electricity will be generated by photovoltaic panels, while cooling will be provided via concentrated solar power. Water will be provided through a solar-powered desalination plant. Landscaping within the city and crops grown outside the city will be irrigated with grey water and treated waste water produced by the city’s water treatment plant.

The city is part of the Masdar Initiative, Abu Dhabi’s multi-faceted investment in the exploration, development and commercialisation of future energy sources and clean technology solutions. The six-square kilometre city, growing eventually to 1,500 businesses and 50,000 residents, will be home to international business and top minds in the field of sustainable and alternative energy."

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