Monday, January 7, 2008

Green is the new black (cab!)

It is a sad reality that many London business people are far to quick to jump in a convenient gas-guzzling (and emitting!) passing black cab than take public transport, cycle or walk to their engagements.

But as London businesses come under increasing pressure from the Government, shareholders and employees to pursue a green agenda an innovative new taxi firm, founded by a couple of young ex-city laywers, has found a niche in the taxi market.

greentomatocars is an environmentally friendly taxi hire company. Driving only the Toyota Prius, planting trees to make up for unavailable emissions and not charging a 'green premium' for the privilege, the company is fast becoming the taxi firm of choice for a la mode London businesses who are keen to clear their environmental conscience.

The greentomatocars website is worth a look too, it features a neat little 'emission calculator' which compares the emissions from the Toyota Prius to that of a normal London black cab for the distance you want to travel.

Of course it would be great if everyone walked, or cycled, or at least used public transport, but the truth is people are always going to want to climb in a cab...

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