Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Could I Get You Something To Drink?

While reading my favorite bike rag there was an advertisement for a cycling event that perplexes me, the Redlands Cycling Classic, It is a road / mountain / kids / track /time trial cycling race / event. One cool thing is that often there are not enough commercial hotels to go around, so the teams stay at host family houses to lessen the demand on local hotels. Hmmm [Could be another blog, yes?]

Anyway getting back to the point, the last page of the add was for a small brewing company that I like, Sierra Nevada. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they take their impact on the food cycle very seriously. They create their electrical power from a fuel cell, they recycle their industrial waste, recover heat from their kettles and CO2 from their fermentation process, not to mention that their waste is used as feed for live stock. Check them out at

If nothing else, their Pale Ale is delicious and they are a relatively small business. So enjoy one the next time you are out.

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Green-A said...

Another great reason to drink sierra nevada!

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