Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Charge it Green

For some time now there have been several credit cards out there that make donations to nonprofit organizations and charities everytime you make a purchase using their card. In most cases the amount donated is based on a percentage of the purchase, usually half a percentage point and many of these cards target a specific orgnaisation such as The Humane Society, the global fight against AIDS, Defenders of Wildlife, etc.

Working Assets Visa Card gives donations to a platform of 50 organisations; Civil Rights, Peace & International Freedom, Economic & Social Justice and the Envioronment. The cardholders vote every year for the organisations that will recieve donations and they donate 10 cents with every purchase!

here is a link to the Ideal Bite article on these cards

Just Recently there has been several financial institutions that are offering cards that are specifically going GREEN!

Bank of America has teamed up with Brighter Planet to offer a credit card that will buy carbon
offsets; they will offset a ton of carbon for every thousand dollars that is spent using the card.

MetaBank issued a Green Mastercard, consumers earn a new account activation bonus equivalent to 10,000 pounds of CO2 offsets and then for every net dollar spent, five pounds of CO2 will be retired and for every net dollar spent on gasoline and household utilities, 10 pounds of CO2 will be offset.

GE's Money Earth Rewards Platinum Mastercard contributes one percent of their card purchases to buy greenhouse gas emissions.

Wells Fargo will buy 6000 kilowatt hours of green power for every 5000 points earned using it's credit card.

Read the November article in Environmental Leader

But if you really want to dig to the truth behind the "Mega-Banks" that issue these credit cards (and we all should), what kind of activities and political organisations their money support then read the RealMoney article.


Anonymous said...

thanks for featuring us! Brighter Planet is actually a Vermont-based company partnering with Bank of America to get this card into as many wallets as possible.

We're not just promising to plant trees - you can see the renewable energy projects your purchases will support here:

and you can learn more about who we are here:

thanks again!

talha said...

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