Tuesday, December 18, 2007

University of Washington Selects Shared Electric Bicycle System from Intrago

Okay, I am on an electric vehicle kick, I'll admit it, but there are so many cool new things out there. This seems like it could be a great fit for large corporate campuses or even workplaces with long interior treks (like airports!). I have even seen mall security using the Segways - so how great if they could be stored in an integrated systems with traditional and electric bicycles too? -Green A

BOULDER, Colorado, November 16, 2007 –

The Intrago (pronounced Intra-Go) Corporation, together with the University of Washington and other partners, has been awarded funding for a shared electric vehicle system at the University’s Seattle campus. This system was funded by the Washington State Department of Transportation through a program that fosters innovation to help reduce automobile trips into congested areas such as urban university campuses. The campus network of self-rental electric bicycles aims to reduce the number of automobile commute trips in the region.

Intrago is addressing the unmet need for on-demand personal mobility that is clean, right-sized, and enjoyable to use for short-distance trips around university and corporate campuses as well as high-density urban and public transit locations. Users may select any vehicle at a station and then return it to the same or a different location.

Dan Sturges, President and Founder, Intrago Corporation, remarked, “Intrago is the only system available that offers small-sized, electric powered vehicles as well as traditional bicycles. We fully expect to see these easy to use vehicles help our commuters get to campus and get around once they reach campus, including travel to our car-share vehicles for their longer-distance trip needs.” http://www.intragomobility.com/

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