Monday, December 10, 2007

The Refueling Station that makes me want an Electric Car

A colleague recently asked me where to find an electric car refueling station to meet the LEED requirements for a project. My first response was, why not use the preferred or reduced-price parking for alternative-fuel and fuel-efficient vehicles like everyone else? The he explained the project was in Saudi Arabia and the client was really interested in electric cars. So I did a little hunting around online and found this gorgeous refueling station called Elektrobay, made in the UK. I spoke with a representative who explained that when purchased in volume, you could expect greater discounts but starting at one unit these run about $6,000 US dollars (in part due to the exchange rate). Not actually all that bad, considering. This made me think of corporate campuses and government property where fleet vehicles are used on site or to get around locally. This could be much less expensive than conventional fuels, and have I mentioned that I think these are gorgeous little refueling stations? Defintely go to the web site and read more - you'll want an electric car too!
Excerpted from a GreenFleet Article:

Elektromotive Ltd, the Brighton based company specialising in the research, design and manufacture of electric vehicle recharging stations continues with its rapid growth. The company’s “Elektrobay” recharging post has become a market leader with its technically advanced leading edge operating system and clean, ergonomic design. The Elektrobay has an integrated GSM module enabling users to pay for the electricity they use by mobile phone text or to be directly billed to them. This may well, in the future, be part of their domestic electricity bill.

Managing director, Calvey Taylor-Haw says: "When the Elektrobay is powered by renewable energy the electric vehicle it charges will be totally free of C02 emissions. Even when an EV is powered by a mix of renewable and conventionally generated electricity, it will be around 50 per cent greener than an equivalent sized petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle, and this takes into consideration the green house gasses produced during the car’s manufacture. Whilst on the subject of C02 emissions, the Elektrobay is 95 per cent recyclable, being mainly made of high grade aluminum.

For more
Tel: +44 (0) 1273 704775


Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

How nice would it be to fill up the old car without ending up smelling like a gas station?! Very sexy!

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