Monday, December 3, 2007

Our Contributions to Earth's 8th Continent

I just read an incredibly disturbing article...Earth's Eighth Continent ( This describes a giant patch of trash out in the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of Texas! Unbelievable.

This made me think about MY contributions to the giant floating trash heap: I do recycle and I do not litter, but sometimes despite my/our best efforts, items don't always end up in the right place.

Some important things we can do in both the workplace and at home (please add your ideas, too):
  • Properly sort recyclables so that they don't end up at the dump
  • Ensure our service providers (both office cleaning folks and the waste companies) dispose of our waste in the appropriate ways
  • Pick up all remnants from trash day
  • Secure trash and recyclables in bags or bins so wind doesn't send it into the storm drains or nearby streams
  • Pick up trash out on the street/in our backyards/wherever
  • Purchase items in bulk or items with no/minimal packaging
  • Reduce consumption...which means less trash!

A few simple steps will at least help slow the growth of the Pacific trash heap.


Green-A said...

I had heard about this - it is simultaneously unbelievable and also very believeable. Thanks for posting some ideas about how to keep the 8th continent from growing.

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