Friday, December 7, 2007

Green Elephant Gifts

I realize that I posted an entry about sustainable gift-giving a couple of weeks ago, but my coworkers and I had a brilliant idea.

Our group has decided to do a "white elephant" exchange (where everyone puts a gift into the pile and then take turns either selecting a wrapped gift or stealing a gift that has already been opened) - with a sustainable twist.
We're calling it the "green elephant exchange." The rules are that you have to give a gift that is not purchased (either something from your home, a found object, or a regift) and that it must be wrapped in a sustainable manner (reused gift bag, fabric bag, reused newspaper/gift wrap, etc.). I can't wait to see what the gifts are!
In a related exercise, at an old job, my coworkers and I used to regularly have "swaps" where everyone brought in nice things that they no longer wanted and traded for new things. Some of the items exchanged included candles, notepads, holiday decorations, etc. Anything that wasn't taken by the end of the day was donated to charity.
Please suggest other good ways to reuse/regift great items!


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