Friday, December 28, 2007

Green Elephant Gift Exchange

The following video shows the HOK office "green elephant gift exchange." As you may remember from a previous post, the rules were that the gifts had to be either a regift or other found object, and that the wrapping had to be some sort of reused material.

Prizes were given for most sustainable gift (winner: manual paper shredder) and most sustainable wrapping (inside out UPS bag tied with rubber bands from vegetables).

Runners up in the gift category included a semi-functional solar cell phone charger and a tomato. Wrapping materials ranged from reused gift bags and wrapping paper to cookie tins, cracker boxes, and leftover fabric samples.

Watch the video to see the shiny, happy people of HOK givin' it away:


Anonymous said...

For the record, I love my new shredder! Great videography Jodi!

Anonymous said...

Great job J-Dub......I love that song. Nice job scoring the video.

Maid Service said...

Haha, that is so funny, but also a great idea!!! I have done the White elephant of course, but never the green elephant...

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marko said...

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